Phasing and timescales

Following this consultation and when we have analysed all feedback, we will submit a formal planning application to Wirral Council’s Planning Department.

A summary of the proposed phasing of the Urban Village is set out below, subject to planning approvals, delivery of the development will be phased. The whole development could take between 10-15 years to complete.

  • Enabling works – New road connecting Mollington Way and Hind Street is constructed, with a bus gate so that only buses can travel through to Hind Street. The site currently accommodates essential gas infrastructure that serves the wider Birkenhead area. This Pressure Reduction Infrastructure (PRI) needs to be relocated to a new site on Waterloo Place. Once the new modern equipment is in place the existing PRI will be decommissioned and demolished.
  • Phase A – Delivery of approximately 530 apartments and houses and preparation for Phase B construction (demolition of some existing buildings)
  • Phase B – Around 125 new homes (apartments and houses) constructed, commencement of phased flyover demolition and associated highway mitigation work. Preparation for Phase C.
  • Phase C – Approximately 335 new homes, mostly apartments constructed and the introduction of an east/west route. Reconfiguration of the tunnel plaza and toll booths and the roads linking to the tunnel
  • Phase D & E – Final approximately 590 apartments constructed providing the remaining link that stitches Hind Street back to the town centre, as well as Hamilton and Conway Street.

Enabling Works


Public Transit Route
Public Transit Route
enabling works plan


Phase A
Phase B
Phase C
Phase D and E

Key principles and benefits

The vision for this vibrant new community will bring various benefits to the area. These include:

  • Regenerate this large brownfield site back into use
  • Create a vibrant new urban village
  • Create much needed new homes, including affordable properties that will assist in diversifying the housing type and tenure within central Birkenhead
  • Providing accessible homes which can be lived in by people of all ages and physical abilities
  • Improving the efficiency of homes to combat fuel poverty whilst also reducing carbon emissions
  • Create a number of new jobs across a range of industries and sectors, bringing new, resilient employment along with potential upskilling opportunities for local people
  • Stich the site back into the Town Centre
  • Create new public realm including a new public square and park for everyone to enjoy
  • Act as a catalyst for further investment and improvements
  • High quality design, including specific character areas
  • Pedestrian, cycling and accessible routes throughout the site to promote active transport
  • Sustainable features and a focus on wellbeing and health, including food growing areas and spaces for social interaction
  • New commercial space, to reinforce and complement the positive change taking place in the Town Centre
  • Local investment during the construction phase, leading to more jobs and opportunities for the local supply chain.
Aerial visual of the proposals